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We, however, have to warn you from trying to use any of these samples as your own writing and trying to submit them to your teachers, professors or tutors as the product of your creative effort. Without talking about the ethical aspect of the question, we just mention that even school teachers nowadays use plagiarism-checking software that would unveil your trick in a second, leave alone universities or colleges. In high school you may get off with a poor mark, but in later periods of your academic studies resorting to plagiarism may result in expulsion and other highly unpleasant problems.

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thank you for your wonderful assistance. I no longer carryout research but relying completely on IELTS BLOG. I wish to have more sample essays, listening, reading and speaking test. for I am writing in January

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We, as people, all have morals. Morals determine if what we’re doing is considered the best for us or for others. Judgment plays a huge role in morality since we are judged by our actions which then can develop into our character and in return dictate our fate. In Joseph Conrad’s , regarding Kurtz a.

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Your argument must be well-grounded and supported by reliable evidence. You should develop your argument logically. It must flow naturally into a clear summary.

All is not doom and gloom however, and whilst the negative side of growing up is alive and well, there is also another, more desirable side blossoming satisfactorily, if you look at the other side of the coin. You begin to notice the extent to which your family life changes. Apart from a few sensitive areas, you’re pretty much a free agent. Your parents no longer freak out if you leave the house for more than half an hour. You don’t ask them any more if you can go out, they ask you if you are! It’s not childish teenage disco’s you’re going to either – it’s pubs and nightclubs. For the lucky minority who are already 68, it’s not even illegal! The smoker who started smoking in national school suddenly realises that he’s no longer breaking the law. You can even legally have sex!

All in all, growing up has both advantages and disadvantages. The process is both rewarding and painful, joyous and sad. Luckily this transition must only be experienced once in every lifetime because being “stuck in the middle” is quite an awkward confusing time. Overall my ‘farewell to adolescence’ will be a thankful one. I’ll be saying my goodbyes happily enough!

English, which is often referred to as the language of the planet is spoken by more than 755 million people worldwide. This global phenomenon, if not spoken. .

6. You don 8767 t really need many ideas for essays. You only need one idea per content paragraph which means 7/8 ideas for the essay and these ideas are big ideas like 8775 I agree 8776 and 8775 I disagree 8776 . What you do need are reasons and examples to support those ideas. I often find in class that students are much happier trying to think of reasons ( 8775 Why do I think that? 8776 ) and examples than ideas.

First of all I would like to cite 8776 Criminals are the victims who creates victims 8775 . I believe, the punishment should very according to crime committed, age, gender and the circumstances under which crime is committed.

Certainly, drivers’ age is found to be a factor in many cases of traffic accidents. To illustrate, drivers who are relatively and less mature tend to compete with other vehicles, and drive their cars fast. This sometimes results in traffic clashes ,physical injuries and even deaths of both drivers and passengers. With regard to the elderly drivers, they are also prone to committing traffic accidents because they cannot keep themselves attentive at all , losing attention while driving can make traffic accidents happen.

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