Teaching Strategies: Narrative Writing for Elementary Kids

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 00:27

Interestingly, in a related affidavit summarizing the agency&rsquo s reasons for continuing to withhold these communications, the CIA says it was willing to release parts of thirteen of the documents.

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Realia. Many learners benefit from learning from real objects and experiences. When possible, teachers should include realia, objects of interest, and interactive experiences in unit introductions.

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Do you remember the last time you were on a plane?  Try not to cringe.  The half an inch of leg room, gluing your arms to your sides so you don’t touch the stranger next to you, eating nothing but incredibly salty peanuts and tasteless pretzels for the next six hours.  Mentally preparing yourself for this wholly unpleasant experience by practicing your contortion skills and willing yourself not to have to use the bathroom for an unnatural amount of time.  Then, it’s time for the safety spiel, and this is the important part.

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A negative evaluation invites negative emotions—emotions that will deplete your ability to think strategically, creatively, innovatively, collaboratively. You are now at a disadvantage. The circumstances are now on top of you instead of you being on top of them. Like being on a teeter-totter with a 6,555-pound gorilla, you’re stuck up in the air, powerless to do anything because of the imbalance of weight.

This made me wonder… what are the things that we believe today that we might not believe tomorrow? What are today’s stories, myths, frames that we have created, hold dearly, and cling to tightly when, come tomorrow, we will think differently about?

Klar assigned to one DNA strand the name “Watson” and to the other the name “Crick.” When the two copies of each chromosome are made, one duplicated chromosome contains the original Watson DNA strand plus a newly synthesized Crick strand, and the other duplicated chromosome contains just the opposite, an original Crick DNA strand intertwined with a new Watson strand. This distinction is critical to understanding Klar’s theory. 

Because one of my StrengthsFinder strengths is Maximizer, I couldn’t help but think about tweaking this powerful technique to wring out as much brain-friendly juice as possible. Try on these tweaks:

A simple way to teach students the components of narrative writing is to read them the ever-so-popular nursery rhyme “Little Miss Muffet.” This simple rhyme has all of the components that students need to help them identify each element in a story:

If our thoughts are negative , we have affirmed to ourselves that those thoughts and feelings are true. For example, have you ever heard these negative thoughts from an out-of-work job seeker? Continue reading

Assumption one: Daughter chromosomes are always identical to each other, as implied by the work of Watson and his 6967 Nobel Prize co-awardee, Francis Crick. (Klar says that sometimes the two daughter chromosomes differ in the way they express genes.) Assumption two: The two DNA strands are passed on randomly to the two cells that result when a cell divides during embryonic development. (Klar maintains that distribution of DNA strands is not always random.) 

When our coaching clients feel excluded, or not part of the “in” group, the same region of their brain is activated as when they experience physical pain.

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