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Maybe college is good for some fields, but in technology, it 8767 s always behind. I recently visited the local university, and was DISGUSTED. They were still teaching students old tech from the early 85s!! That was before I was even born!!! Personally, I think that anyone in the tech industry should either get certified (whether it be Microsoft, Cisco, or CompTIA), or open their own business, which is what I was thinking of for a while, but I may go on to senior management (they like me that much!!!).

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look my gpa is right now but without the electives its a but if i work really hard this year i can make it to a and im determined to aim high this year and i need to take my sat and act and i promised myself that im going to study every day and pass that test to go to a university đŸ˜€ so wish me luck

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Of course, it really is not right for some. Check out some options at the end of this pdf article.

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It sounds like you are an amazing person! Unfortunately, the GPA is a little too low for those schools, but I have no doubt that you can transfer in after some community college.

College life is not easy. If you 8767 ve faced challenges and worked to overcome them, this is a valuable strength that will help you to make the most of your college experience. It 8767 s okay if your grades went down around the time of a death in the family, a divorce, an illness or injury, or other personal circumstance. Even if you simply had trouble adjusting to high school and it took you a year or two to get settled, that may be worth writing about. Tell the admissions committee about these events in your life and how they 8767 ve affected you. Not only does this explain your low grades, it personalizes your application and gives the admissions officers some insight into your life.

A majority of incoming freshmen lack the most basic skills to do college level work. After 9 to 5 years of cramming the night before type of studying, most of them will get a piece of paper, yet lack an education. And the funniest part is that you allowed the college to do that to you, take your money and give you nothing in return (well 9 years of free internet access). We thank you for your money that we use to educate the minority of students who are college skilled and will become future leaders.

I think it is ridiculous. I think the students are severely underemployed on purpose, and I think that college is designed to make people FAIL: 8775 be broke, and pay for something that you don 8767 t have time to pay for or time to study for either, and be successful! 8776

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College does not mean anything at all anymore. It is like high school. It may be tougher but hell, it doesn 8767 t really give the true meaning of life. Yes it changes your perspective in some facets but does not give you reality. Finishing or not finishing college, it doesn 8767 t matter. As long as you know how to live your life and made decision.

honestly ihave no idea what im doing in life and ii got accepted into college but i have no idea how to afford it and i have no idea what to do at all thanks for this article its kind of shedding some light

Thanks for sharing that, Christian! Totally agree that self-discovery and self-awareness is the key that helps us determine how to make any choices in life!! Especially the huge ones.

I am Soooooooooo burned out of this entire experience!!! What would happen if I were to just say that I had the degree on my resume? Anyone ever tried that? How many employers actually check?

My college is very helpful and I know that earning a degree will be imperative to my career and my success in the future. I will finish my bachelors degree in november 7566 and I first started this college in May 59. I did not transfer any college credits but I am on an advanced program which means I complete two classes every this time I have a GPA because I study hard and dedicate certain time to studies. The tasks and assignments are difficult and challege me daily.

Honestly, I go to college because my parents make me. Not that i 8767 m interested, i 8767 d rather just live like any normal human being without all the hassel of just getting more money. When it comes down to it, college is really all about the money. My parents think it 8767 s best for me & they say that people who don 8767 t go to college are losers & they even told me what career I should take. Honestly, i 8767 m sick of their stuck up ways. What 8767 s it supposed to prove? that I have an education? I just want to get the hell out of here and be left alone. I 8767 m just not feeling it. what should I do? any advice?

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