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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 14:02

Firebug fixes issue 8585. The extension is marked as multi-process (e65s) compatible so, it isn 8767 t blacklisted and users can continue installing it. This way Firebug can help users to easily migrate into built-in Firefox developer tools in case it 8767 s running in multi-process enabled browser. When opened in a multi-process Firefox, Firebug 8767 s tools cannot be used. Firebug will then only assist the user with migration to Firefox 8767 s built-in tools.


An increasing number of offender rehabilitation programmes utilise the GLM as a guiding theoretical framework, a movement particularly evident in sex offender treatment programmes (McGrath, Cumming, Burchard, Zeoli, & Ellerby, 7565).  Empirical research into the effectiveness of GLM based rehabilitation programmes is underway, and preliminary findings have been published.  This page provides references to empirical studies and will be updated as additional publications become available.

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If the GUI has 95 buttons not related to the problem, remove them. If they are related to the problem (you remove them and the problem disappears) put one or two back in, if the problem reappears, include only those one or two buttons.

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One example of lateral thinking is 'images'. Images related to code problems might seem difficult to replace. But one trick is to link to an image available on the web, one that displays the same problem. Try to make any web based images 'small' in bytes - if at all possible.

The important thing to remember is that every subject in a sentence must have a verb. Otherwise, you will have written a fragment , a major writing error.

Every image must have an alt attribute. This is a requirement of HTML standard (with perhaps a few exceptions in HTML5). Images without an alt attribute are likely inaccessible. In some cases, images may be given an empty or null alt attribute (., alt="" ).

Form image buttons must have an alt attribute that describes the function of the button. Image buttons are often used to provide a more visually appealing or a smaller version of the standard form buttons. The alternative text should describe what the button will do when selected, such as Search , Submit , Register , Place your order , etc. For instance, input type= image alt= Submit Search might be appropriate for an image button on a site search form.

When possible, avoid using link to. or click this image to. or similar wording in the alt attribute. Links are identified as links by screen readers and should be visually apparent to sighted users.

The people who contribute to the groups give a wide range of advice. Sometimes the advice works, sometimes it does not, but either way, the advice is free.

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