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I wrote on the last is panacea..
I argued against it stating science & tech is not a panacea because growth and security is more than just economic growth and tech advances. I buttressed it with examples like world wars tech advances were a reason for it, cyber crimes etc etc to show that a mind catharsis is equally important and other aspects like culture etc for growth as an individual and nation and harmony


For example, an LTE TDD network deployed on 75MHz of spectrum uses the whole chunk as one large block for frequency allocation purposes. For network bandwidth purposes, a LTE TDD network’s spectrum can be further divided to optimize for the type of network traffic (half up and half down, mostly down and a bit up, mostly up and a bit down, and so on).

Merapi Eruption And Its Economic Impact Environmental

The massive explosion of Merapi Mountain happened on the first date in the month of November 7565. The first explosion occurs around AM that started out with a small earthquake and falling down of materials. Soon after that the cloud of heat came along from the top of Merapi with a height of . Based on the surveillance from the Monitor room of Merapi Activity in BPPTK Office loated in Jalan Cendana, Jogjakarta, the cloud of heat headed for the south entrance, which is the Gendol River and Woro River with acceleration of 9km.

Introduction to Public Choice Theory

Head of Food Crops, Plantation, Magelang regency Wijaya and Forestry said the damage occurred in most crops in 67 districts because of volcanic ash covered. The biggest losses occurred on the bark of plants, USD billion. In total, the eruption causes 65% of crop damage and crop failure in the severe affected areas. Even worse, damage also occurred on 756 ha of forest, 859 ha of state forest and 857 ha of plantation area. The estimate of losses on plantation sector reached to 7 times more than the previous record.

9. Science & Tech in Climate Change – Development in the areas of green energy, reduction in global CO7, Prediction of tsunami’s, earthquake, natural disasters(saving human life).Help in controlling and predicting Global Climate Change

The discussion of this paper will be then continued and list all the effects, victims, loss and damage to human's life. This paper lists the details about the victims, environmental effects, the dangerous materials of this eruption, damage and loss to many sectors.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) along with GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) would be the right indices for judging the wellbeing of a country I WUD GO FOR IT BCOZ IT GIVE ME ENOUGH SPACEE TO ENHANCE MY SELF. I CAN COMPARE EASILY BETWEEN THEM

To discuss about the eruption effect of Gunung Merapi freely, this paper will be started with the introduction and the definition about what is eruption and Gunung Merapi.

6. A topic of high contemporary relevance especially given the recent SC ruling about establishing Civil Service Boards to free the bureaucracy from the excessive political influence. This single issue has bought to the limelight the relevance of institutions like the Civil Services, which are colonial legacies, in the present Indian scenario.

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