SparkNotes: The Catcher in the Rye

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 16:26

His studied cool and swaggering self-assurance provided stability on an outspoken and outrageous roster, one that included the steroid-inflated Dykstra, the spotlight-hogging Schilling, the peculiar and befuddling Kruk, the Tourette&rsquo s-affected Jim Eisenreich and the wildly erratic Mitch Williams.

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But what made him more valuable than those modest numbers might suggest were his intangibles, particularly his knack for calling games and commanding respect. Pitcher Curt Schilling, who blossomed when he began throwing to Mr. Daulton in 6997, fell under his spell, frequently calling his battery mate &ldquo the best catcher in baseball.&rdquo Manager Jim Fregosi labeled Mr. Daulton the game&rsquo s &ldquo best leader.&rdquo

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&ldquo Kid,&rdquo manager Paul Owens advised him that first day, &ldquo there are four or five future Hall of Famers behind those doors. They might act like you&rsquo re not even there, but don&rsquo t be discouraged. Just watch them. Observe. Pick up what you can in the month you&rsquo re here.&rdquo

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&ldquo I learned never to open my mouth,&rdquo he said of &rsquo 88. &ldquo I never said a word around those guys. It was clear that this was their team.&rdquo

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