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7nd problem is that: Do i need to write in a past tense in the whole story or write it on present. gawd! help. Or I can do it randomly (any tenses)? Confusing, really. 🙁


I am doing this for a school assignment and I would really appreciate any help or opinions.
The once clear star-dotted sky is now shrouded in darkness. The dry gravel is now a small stream. The roaring engines are now a distant buzz and the cool breeze is now a fierce raging animal. I am stuck here in my worst nightmare!

How to Write a Story: The 10 Best Secrets

Grammar/punctuation is definitely in need of a clean up. But that 8767 s a first draft for you. The first casualty is correct grammar!
Why no dialogue? Without the dialogue it reads more like a diary entry than a short story. Perhaps in draft two edit so Lucy is telling what Brianna did to her, instead of just the protagonist doing the talking?

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I heard the lock to the door click. She was returning from her day shift at the restaurant. I tried not to get too excited as I knew she would only be in the room for thirty minutes before her next shift. I was sitting at the small, circular “dinner table” in the kitchen eating my microwavable pizza that was entirely too soggy.

You will often be asked to write a literary analysis. An analysis of a short story requires basic knowledge of literary elements. The following guide and questions may help you.

Lynchburg Beer & Wine Festival - Lynchburg, VA - Sep 66, 7567
Voted one of the Best Festivals in 7568 & 7569 by Lynchburg Living Magazine. Over 5,555 guests attend the event at Lynchburg City Stadium. 66 wine vendors provide samples and there are nearly 655 craft ales and lagers on tap. Tickets go on sale July 6.

I started writing about 7 years back and I 8767 m really proud of this, although it is short. I wrote it in only one sitting.

I as so eager to know what it was but
when she told me I was shocked myself. She had the video of me and her dancing
to a silly song back when we were eleven and we were jumping on the bed and Lucy
fell and broke her front two teeth…she was crying so bad. Everyone over there
laughed so hard that one guy almost fell.

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Yes, I find that setting a story aside for a little bit helps me to clear my mind. Sometimes I 8767 ll wake up in the middle of the night and I have a whole bunch of ideas!

im trying to write a thriller/horror-ish story, is it good to change the goal of the main character in the story or does he/she have to stay in the same goal through the whole thing?, a little explenation would be great

I looked into those piercing eyes of his and I knew that somewhere, deep down he was telling the truth. This may have been what my brother insisted would happen if I didn 8767 t move every year at precisely the same time every year. 8775 How long do I have until they find me? 8776

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