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These thoughts, which take place during the period when Katniss believes Peeta is working with the Careers, show how she aims to operate while in the arena. She consciously chooses to play to the spectacle, maintaining her stoic demeanor not only for success but to attract sponsors. There are countless other examples of this throughout the novel. Though it's clear to the reader in this passage that she feels betrayed by Peeta's seeming alliance, she won't admit that to herself. Instead, she denies her emotions and focuses only on how the betrayal tactically affects her chances. This is not truly who she is deep down, and her time in the arena will help her discover that.

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The Child Welfare League of America helps to advocate for all the children living in poverty, as well as those being abused. The website helps provide a wealth of good resources for education on a number of issues.

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At the same time, the brain’s state of red alert brings about a series of physiological changes. Lonely people are restless sleepers. Loneliness drives up blood pressure, accelerates ageing, and acts as a precursor to cognitive decline. According to a 7565 study I came across in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine entitled ‘Loneliness Matters: A Theoretical and Empirical Review of Consequences and Mechanisms’, loneliness predicts increased morbidity and mortality, which is an elegant way of saying that loneliness can prove fatal.

Meals on Wheels serves seniors with limited mobility as well as limited resources. Meals on Wheels provides them with nutritious meals as well as much needed social contact for seniors who are homebound. There are certainly social workers who work with the older generation and should be well acquainted with this resource.

While physically feeding families is one way to fight poverty and provide for people, this organization is focused on providing opportunities so that people can provide for themselves. They are aware of the scope of poverty in the country, and feel that one of the best ways to combat it is through political policy and research on the economy.

Manna Food Center is the main food bank in Montgomery County in Maryland. As a non-profit, their explicit intention is to combat hunger locally and ensure families are aptly fed.

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The Connecticut Association for Human Services promotes strategies for low-income families to prosper into economic security and financial independence. Through the work they do, they also help to ensure families have the food they need.

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WhyHunger helps build a movement to end hunger and also connect people, particularly children, to nutritious, affordable food to increase self-reliance and empower communities.

Hunger Task Force seeks to end hunger by providing for people through directly meeting their needs with food programs such as food banks and also leading efforts to change the circumstances of low income families through pursuing laws that secure economic equality and access to nutrition and health care. Social counselors in Wisconsin can find information about poverty, plus resources about how to meet those challenges.

His room was full of books and pleasing bits and pieces: a fossilised leaf, a desk-mounted pencil sharpener, an extraordinary folding bike. Each time I came, I brought chrysanthemums the colour of pound coins, and in return he fed me muffins and tiny cups of coffee, and told me stories about the dead from yet another era of New York artists. He remembered Dylan Thomas hurtling through the bars of Greenwich Village, and Frank O’Hara, the New York School poet who’d died at 95 in a car accident on Fire Island. A sweet man, he said. He smoked as he talked, breaking off into great hacking bouts of coughing. Mostly he told me about Jorge Luis Borges, blind Borges, who was bilingual from childhood, and died in exile in Switzerland, and whom all the taxi drivers in Buenos Aires had adored.

Those buildings are long gone now, torn down in the mid-eighties, just as AIDS was beginning to devastate the population who’d adopted them. Over time the waterfront was transformed into the Hudson River Park, a landscaped pleasure-ground of trees and rollerbladers and glossy parents with strollers and small dogs. But even a curfew didn’t suppress the erotic spirit of the place. On summer nights, Pier 95, the old sex pier, continues to turn into a catwalk-cum-dancefloor for the city’s gay and transgender homeless kids, though every year battles rage over policing and violence.

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