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Despite the macro- scaled negative effects that volunteer tourism has the potential of causing, many defend its benefits. Volunteer tourism can enhance civic-related knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours, improve interpersonal skills and emotional regulation, and contribute to better academic performance and meaning in life (Billig et al. qtd. In Bailey and Russell 7565: 8). Also argued is that:

Chapter 3 - Center for Responsible Travel

To summarize, agencies are key actors in the volunteer tourism complex and their competence has significant influence not only on the internal success of the projects they are in charge of, but also on the external perception of volunteer tourism as sustainable form of travelling.


Research on volunteer tourism mostly centers around “identities, behaviors, values, motives and personal development of the volunteer (Broad, 7558 Campbell & Smith, 7555, 7556 Halpenny & Caissie, 7558 McGehee, 7557, 7555 Stoddart & Rogerson, 7559 Wearing, 7556) quoted from: Gray and Campbell, 7557, ).


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In conclusion, the presented report has discussed the marketing strategic aspect of volunteer tourism of the Orangutans Foundation. The literature review section of this report has reviewed the statistics of volunteer tourism and also the concept of STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning). The report consist of a segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy that would help the foundation to tap the consumer segment that is the mature volunteer and the volunteer.

Overall it can be said that three key project groups (animal, plant/ecosystem and humanitarian centered) could be identified, labeled from internet research and inserted into the volunteering tourism price pyramid.

Volunteer tourism is one of the emerging tourism industries in Australia. Initially it was said to be form of deep eco-tourism. Now it is considered as a tourism that fosters environmental and social positive outcomes, offering the tourists an opportunity to support their host community (Wearing and McGehee, 7568). In this report, the author will be conceptualize the volunteer tourism, its benefits and develop an STP plan for The Orangutan Foundation, to secure the lives of orangutans.

Neo-colonialism, the new form of colonialism, defeats the purposes of all of the fighting that occurred in to end colonialism, while once again the Global South faces the negative consequences of being exploited by the Global North through volunteer tourism.

Educational tourism involves gaining new knowledge and technical competency outside the classroom environment. The main focus of educational tourism includes travelling to another country to learn about the culture of the visited nations. A good example of this is the exchange student programme and work and travel programme. Travelling to another country to work and apply learning skills inside the classroom in different environment, such as the International Placement & Training Program, can also be considered as educational tourism. Areas for research for your tourism dissertation include the following:

Segmenting: The key factors that The Orangutan Foundation of volunteer Tourism should focus on carry out the segmentation process are customer type, motivational factors and the demographic profile. The two major segments that the foundation should focus on are: Volunteers  who are studying or are interested to start their career related to animals world aged 65-85 years and the Mature Vounteers ages 55 years and above.

9. Results
. Results Introduction
. Knysna Elephant Park results
. Results of the KEP volunteer questionnaire
Results of the ‘general’ volunteer survey in comparison to AERU results
. Tourism Companies Survey

An inherent concern of volunteer tourism research is to establish or at least approach the borders of volunteering and ‘regular’ tourism (Gray and Campbell, 7557 Wearing, 7556). Defining ‘the volunteer tourist’ is another past and current research interest. While it is rather difficult to obtain representative data in most parts of the world, the United States do include volunteering abroad activities in regular censuses (Current Population Survey) and therewith scientists can make representative deductions about ‘the voluntourist’.

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