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The Andals came late to the westerlands, long after they had taken the Vale and toppled the kingdoms of the First Men in the riverlands.  The first Andal warlord to march an army through the hills met a bloody end at the hands of King Tybolt Lannister (called, for a change, the Thunderbolt).  The second and third attacks were dealt with likewise, but as more and more Andals began moving west in bands large and small, King Tyrion III and his son Gerold II saw their doom ahead.

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Ser Reynard had taken more than three hundred men, women, and children into the mines, it is said.  Not a one emerged.  A few of the guards assigned to the smallest and most distant of the mine entrances reported hearing faint screams and shouts coming from beneath the earth one night, but by daybreak the stones had gone silent once again.

The battle that ensued was a closer thing than might have been expected, for the Lannisters had not formed up and the suddenness of the attack took them by surprise.  If Lord Reyne had only had more heavy horse, his knights might well have been able to cut their way through to where Ser Tywin’s banner flew above his command tent.  But there was too much distance to cover and too many men between them, and after the first shock the Lannisters recovered quickly, whereupon their numbers soon began to tell.  Tywin Lannister himself led the counterattack.

Though not a mortal wound, the quarrel went deep enough to draw blood.  The Red Lion rode on, swaying in the saddle, only to fall from his horse less than a half a league away.  He had to be carried back to Castamere.

By then the Dawn Age had given way to the Age of Heroes.  That was when the golden-haired rogue called Lann the Clever appeared from out of the east.  Some say he was an Andal adventurer from across the narrow sea, though this was millennia before the coming of the Andals to Westeros.  Regardless of his origins, the tales agree that somehow Lann the Clever winkled the Casterlys out of their Rock, and took it for his own.

Meanwhile, in the westerlands, Lord Jason 8767 s widow the Lady Johanna, acting as regent for her son, donned man’s mail to drive the Red Kraken from her shores, and later did much to reclaim Lannister glory and win favor with the crown, lending gold for the restoration of King 8767 s Landing.

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Lord Walderan Tarbeck unwisely chose a different course.  He rode to Casterly Rock to protest, confident in his ability to cow Lord Tytos and force him to rescind his son’s edicts.  “I will have the fat fool soiling his breeches and the boy leashed and muzzled before I take my leave of them,” he told his lady wife as he took his leave of Tarbeck Hall.

The following year, King Robert I Baratheon took Lord Tywin’s daughter, the Lady Cersei, to wife, joining two of the greatest and noblest Houses in all Westeros.  The birth of a son and heir, Prince Joffrey, in 786 AC was the cause for great celebration through all the Seven Kingdoms.  With the succession now upon a firm footing, a time of peace and prosperity beckons, in no small due to the efforts of Lord Tywin Lannister and the men of the west.

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King Morgon was supposedly a necromancer of terrible power, and it is written that as he lay dying, he told the Lannisters who had slain him (amongst them three of Loreon’s own sons) that he would return from the grave to wreak vengeance upon them one and all.  To prevent that, Loreon had Morgon’s body hacked into a hundred pieces and fed to his lions.  In a grisly aftermath, however, those selfsame lions broke loose two years later in the bowels of Casterly Rock, and slew the king’s sons, just as the Hooded King had promised.

Hundreds of mine shafts penetrate the lower parts of the Rock, where many veins of red and yellow gold gleam untouched in the stone even after millennia of mining.  The Casterlys were the first to begin to carve halls and chambers from the mineshafts, and they established a ringfort on the Rock’s peak from which they could survey their domain.

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