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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 22:26

I am a farmer in the midwest and I do not recieve lump sum payments by the USDA to not raise crops. This may have happened many year ago, but there is no such program in place at this time for grain farmers. I beleive around 85% or more of the entire farm programs budget go to food assistance programs. Look it up before you spew untrue facts probably heard from some other uninformed person. .

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It would appear that you 8767 ve never actually studied US history and the growth of US cities in the North and Mid-West and Western expansion during the industrial revolution. That being the case you clearly have not studied the unequal effects of financialization in the US which fueled recent decades of de-industrialization in major manufacturing metro areas which are concentrated in historically democratic states and cities.

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If it hadn 8767 t been for SSI, he would be homeless. He receives $868 per month of which his rent is $755. He does not live high on the hog and is only surviving.

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I protest the inclusion of Medicare and social security among these welfare programs. I am 69 years old, have paid my social security and medicare taxes for at least 95 years without collecting one dime. When and if I do retire I will NOT be collecting welfare, I will be reaping the benefit I paid for.

Knobeloch L, Anderson HA, Imm P, Peters D, Smith A. 7555. Fish consumption, advisory awareness, and hair mercury levels among women of childbearing age. Environ Res 97:775–777.

Have you ever met someone on government assistance? Would you say the majority of them lost a job to affirmative action? I would beg to differ. The majority of people on government assistance barely have the soft skills to communicate on a basic level, let alone the hard skills and work ethic necessary to compete with someone that shows up on time, gives 665%, wants to be a top quality employee etc. Most are just lazy and would rather get something for free while having more kids so they can rationalize staying home and making the taxpayer pay for their lazyness.

Another is Steve Xue ., who runs Natural Medicine Without Borders. Dr. Xue also teaches Alternative Medicine to senior students at Portland State University and aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine at top TCM universities in China. Dr. Xue received the Best Teaching Award by the Center for Teaching Excellence of Ohio University and the Award for Excellence of Research by the College of Education of Arkansas State University. He has authored various papers and books. He also specializes in alternative interventions for communications disorders.

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These people are the ones who lost to the immigrant that came into our country and I am sure they hate you just as much for putting them on foods stamps that 8767 s right the united states government did this to those people Americans I do not aprishate being trapped in poverty by my own government.

So, if anyone wants to scrap the program, they should figure out how to do so AFTER the Federal government meets it 8767 s obligations to the people that are entitled to receive Social Security.

That is dollar for dollar. If that money had been investe instead of spent elsewhere it would cover all costs. You can 8767 t use government stupidity as an excuse.

Who heads up the Food Research?
Food Research International Ltd. was intitially headed up by Clyde Skeete, of Barbados. Financial affairs handled by Canadian Barbara Gibbs.

You 8767 re already doing that my fellow Marine. Corporate welfare is costing us far more than that mother with 8 children with different fathers. What she gets is far less than the huge tax breaks and other support Corporations get from our Government. The part about the car though is wrong and should be investigated.

Oken E, Radesky J, Wright RO, Bellinger DC, Amarasiriwardena C, Kleinman KP, et al. 7558. Maternal fish intake during pregnancy, blood mercury levels, and child cognition at age 8 years in a US cohort. Am J Epidemiol 667:6676–6678.

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