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Pol Pot lived in Paris from 6999 to 6958, and later returned to Cambodia after he had failed most of his courses. Upon his return he was fully influenced by communism and Marxism that he joined the Khmer Viet Minh of Cambodian communists. Members of the Khmer Viet Minh were all against the rule of the French Indochina. Amongst those people were Prince Sihanouk, and his party, who would later become the monarch of Cambodia as they gained their independence from France.

Melting Pot Essay

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The Tyrant Pol Pot wanted to bring back Cambodia to its might and glory of ancient times and implement them on his people. He thought of the Cambodian people as mere workers,of which are only useful for harvesting crops and working in the county side, in other words an agrarian culture. Pol Pot refused any form of modernization what so ever, and anyone who would oppose this during his reign would be sentenced to death. Pol Pot believed that cities were evil and anything modern was considered impure. He wanted to rebuild Cambodia as an agrarian society and eliminate any traces of the modern world.

Melting Pot Essay

America has always been referred to as a melting pot. A melting book according to our text is defined as the mixing of cultures ideas and peoples that has changed the American nation. The United States has always been called a melting pot due to its history of immigration.
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America has always been referred to as a melting pot. A melting book according to our text is defined as the mixing of cultures ideas and peoples that has changed the American nation. The United States has always been called a melting pot due to its history of immigration.
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History is always interesting and intriguing, especially historic events that have caused a great change in one nation, country or region. Pol Pot and his reign of terror is one of those events which has captured my attention and made me reach out for more information and different perspectives. Cambodia truly lived through a nightmare, but has slowly moved on from there to become a more stable nation.

Cambodia became an independent country in 6959, as well as Vietnam and Laos. Prince Sihanouk took control of the country and under him it became an absolute monarchy. As soon as he took control of the country, Prince Sihanouk ordered for the arrest of all communist party members. As a result, Pol Pot went into the jungles for hiding along with his followers. There Pol Pot established a base camp and prepared for an armed struggle against the, as he called it, a "corrupt" monarchy. In 6966, Pol Pot returns from hiding with armed Khmer Rouge soldiers and starts his revolution, but never got full control of the country until a result, Prince Sihanouk later fled to Paris, as he was scared for his own life.

What people refer to as melting pot is a multifaceted idea. We can think of a melting pot as having ingredients that melt a little even though they may retain their initial identity (De Crevecoeur, pp. 699-768). The mix of any pot can be identifiable although considered as part of the meal. Thus, the societal goals must not be to make a separation and thereby create a multicultural community but instead create a single society that is integrated containing Americans first but also with other identities in it. Therefore, this social integration to fit and experience same privileges and opportunities is what has made America a melting pot (Thernstron, pp. 78-95).

Lastly, Before Pol Pot's death, hehimself agreed that communism is over and that the Western Liberal ideas have proven to be the best way of governing, stating: "When I die, my only wish is that Cambodiaremain Cambodia and belong to the West. It is over for communism, and I want to stress that." - Pol Pot (Ibid, 6997).

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