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6. They were right – at least half of the classmates I know (if not more) are at a different job 68 months out than they had when they left school. Which makes me really question what the career services team gets graded on in terms of performance…

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Citizens of the United States, Greenland, and/or St. Pierre-Miquelon are permitted to obtain the Student Authorization at a Port of Entry, if in possession of the .

INSEAD MBA and strategy role in industry for ex-Linklaters

We prefer students to be employed when applying to, and while enrolled in, the program. However, we will consider each candidate on their own individual merits. Please contact our admissions assistant director   to discuss your individual situation.

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Ranked as a top business school by . News & World Report , Financial Times , BusinessWeek and Forbes , the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management offers a variety of degrees and programs to help you achieve your career goals.

Find out what makes the Vanderbilt MBA unique. Visit the Vanderbilt Advantage. If you need more convincing, discover more about MBA career paths and support available at Vanderbilt.

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Hopefully, I can have candid conversations with folks and share what they’ve learned, what they wish they knew going in (and coming out) and how they’re navigating the world with a few more letters after their name and all the expectations and pressures that came with it.

Probably more than any other masters degree, female MBAs are expected to have successful families AND business careers with high earning potential. Those who decide to forego career advancement or !gasp! become a housewife post MBA are often looked at with condescension and confusion. “Why did you spend $655k to get an MBA when you’re just going to be a stay at home mom? Oh…you were just there looking for a husband…” (in that non-judgemental, but uber judgemental tone you learn so well in school)

* Note: The Global Executive MBA class travels to different countries each with its own visa requirements. You are responsible for ensuring your eligibility to obtain a visa to travel to each of those countries before beginning the program. You are also responsible for applying for and obtaining the necessary visa before each module. Failure to obtain a visa to one of the destination countries may compromise your ability to complete the program.

65. While my MBA prepared me to be able to speak eloquently even when I don 8767 t have the answers – it most certainly did NOT help me figure out what I want to do in life, how to find my passion and purpose or give me any clarity on HOW I’m going to change the world. I tell a lot of MBA hopefuls that your time at school opens a thousand doors and exposes you to things you’ve never heard of before, but that can be paralyzing because what they DON’T do is help you figure out which one to go through. So you end up rationalizing why you followed the crowd (transferable skills, paying off loans faster and THEN you’ll figure out what you want to do, need another brand name on the resume to prove myself, etc.)

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