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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 14:02

The Lord envisions our family being a juggernaut of ministry in his name and simultaneously a source of rich blessing and joy in this life.  How many people are in your immediate family?  Imagine each one of you, from youth to adult, effectively using your gifting and love of the Lord to share the good news with friends, schoolmates, neighbors, and workmates! One family working as a unit in two, three or more directions at once! 

Thinking Biblically about LOVE

It’s about opening a respectful dialogue with sleep. Whether coming from another or oneself, that most common nightly dictate ‘Go to sleep’ is a demand. By contrast, invoking sleep is about a gentler, more compassionate conversation. It’s an invitation, as if from a lover or Hypnos himself, to ‘Come to sleep’.

Selected essays on James Joyce's Araby

Araby is a story of first love even more, it is a portrait of aworld that defies the ideal and the dream. Thus setting in this storybecomes the true subject, embodying an atmosphere of spiritual pa-ralysis against which a boy's idealistic dreams are no this, the boy takes his first step into adulthood.

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Something is very wrong. Despite decades of innovative sleep research, escalating numbers of new sleep specialists and clinics, and an explosion of media attention and public health education initiatives, the epidemic of insufficient sleep and insomnia appears to be getting worse.

Poetry has a way of expressing things that we often find difficult. I hope you enjoy this collection of some of the best Christian funeral poems ever written.

Like an airplane in gradual descent from flight above the weather, coming down from hyperarousal involves negotiating a layer of turbulence. The body might vibrate, bounce and shake as the mind experiences updrafts of anxieties, of unresolved emotions and thoughts. Our challenge is to avoid reflexively re-ascending to escape this experience. Humility is about trusting that the safety of sleep resides just beyond the turbulence.

Hyperarousal leaves us sick and ‘ t’wired ’: simultaneously tired and wired. Being t’wired is the psychological equivalent of being on the rack. While wakism perpetually draws us upward, the gravity of our mounting sleepiness pulls us downward. We are uncomfortably stretched in opposite directions by equally potent forces. Not surprisingly, hyperarousal is linked to depression, which is characterised by a persistent sense of feeling stuck.

Governed by powerful divine forces, sleep in antiquity was achieved by invoking the gods. Invocation is about opening to a benevolent mystery, requesting divine assistance or calling to a higher power through meditation, prayer or sacred ritual.

Many millions more suffer from chronic patterns of insufficient sleep resulting from the untenable expectations of modern life. In 6998, the National Sleep Foundation reported that 67 per cent of Americans slept less than six hours a night. By 7555, that number had jumped to 66 per cent.

In the first two to three centuries of the church, great energy was directed on clarifying the role and the nature of Jesus Christ in overcoming evil.  The New Testament contains abundant claims and implications calling for systematic reflection.  Even so, in this first section we may see that early Christians fully recognized the reality of evil and the central role of Jesus in overcoming evil, offering a life of abundance, and love of God and neighbor.  The clarion call concerning evil can perhaps best be summarized as:  “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 67:76).

Sorrow comes when hearts are broken
It goes when a new love arrives.
God's love for us is amazing
as it can fix broken hearts and promises.
His Word alone comforts the soul
and brings joy to the heart.
In times of demise,
it is only God you should turn to.

He loses interest in his school and in everything about him hethinks of nothing but the girl. He can see her dark house, herbrown-clad figure touched by lamp-light. He feels that he has foundone image of holiness in his world of lost spirituality. If he can gainthe girl, he feels, the light will be restored to his dark existence.

I was unable to find in my essay where I said that that would be a perspective leading to making your family the center of your life instead of God. I like Ajith Fernando s definition of balance - pursuing excellence in everything (Reclaiming Love, by Ajith Fernando). I believe that tension is what we often experience as we pursue those. If anything, Christian community - being a means of receiving (and giving) God s grace - is essential to be nourished & filled by His love SO THAT we can give it to the family & in other social roles. This is possibly why we sometimes see Paul put these in that sequence in his letters. I hope this clarifies my view on this.

WHY THE PROBLEM? We all have a set amount of time – twenty-four hours in a day and most of us have all twenty-four hours filled before becoming Christians. Therefore, when something new comes in we typically feel pressed. As new church ministry opportunities come up, we get busier. As our family expands, we get busier. Sometimes we can "capture" wasted time through improving our efficiency, but other times we realize that something will have to go! The cause of this tension is usually an issue of our conflicting values and the solution therefore is grounded in whether we manage our time according to our values.

Getting the body down can be challenging. Too often it’s been subjugated to the will of the mind, rode hard and put down wet. And hot. Keeping the body from overheating requires an anti-inflammatory lifestyle – good nutrition, regular exercise and effective stress management. A warm bath, gentle yoga and lower bedroom temperature can also help cool the body before bed.

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