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Date of publication: 2017-08-22 16:26

Lovely piece on the octopus linked through Maggie’s Farm this morning ( here ), after one gets through the mandatory Japanese eroticism. They are wonderful slimy things, if you have ever wrestled with one. I haven’t, myself, but the (magnificently Catholic) poet Roy Campbell used to do bouts for the tourists, back home in South Africa. It was a good panhandling gig earned him enough to get out of the country.

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Memory is one of our most treasured capabilities. We build our identities and our cultures with it. Human memory and the things we do with it can be extraordinary, especially when we have not had too much to drink. Yet if we have a broad view of memory as the ability to retain information for later use, it is not exclusive to human beings, but foundational to life itself.

An enigmatic spider and the fragile threads of human

As I mentioned in a Thing column the other day ( here ), the public libraries are divesting themselves of all printed matter not in immediate demand. The university libraries, too. It seems to me the height of insolence to print anything new, when the works of . Homer, Aeschylus, Pindar, & c, are (as in the case of Toronto 8767 s Central Reference Library) going to some landfill in Indiana. (I 8767 m still trying to establish which.) That is where we should now look for the heritage of Western Civilization.

The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution

I have not forgotten about those of you who are put off by purchasing yet another baby proofing product or are just feeling frugal. You can also baby proof your cabinets using everyday materially found around your home.

I try to avoid taking sides on this issue, defending the poor to the rich, and the rich to the poor, and leaving the “middle classes” so puffed in North American political oratory, such as it is under siege from both sides. One adjusts one’s position tactically against any pendulum of opinion, however.

Something funny happens to people who are lonely. The lonelier they get, the less adept they become at navigating social currents. Loneliness grows around them, like mould or fur, a prophylactic that inhibits contact, no matter how badly contact is desired. Loneliness is accretive, extending and perpetuating itself. Once it becomes impacted, it isn’t easy to dislodge. When I think of its advance, an anchoress’s cell comes to mind, as does the exoskeleton of a gastropod.

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"These decisions impact talented people who have done great work for our company," he wrote. "I would like to thank all of them for their efforts and their many contributions to ESPN."

What is surprising is that even though a childproofing product manufacturer may make one amazing product, that does not mean that all their products meet the same degree of quality.

Ditto with Islamic terrorists, incidentally. Unless we can see them, sometimes, from the angle that makes them most attractive, we miss the whole picture. Know the enemy, I say. The worst psychopath may offer to share some droll humour. It is my firm belief that even liberals and progressives can be charming, sometimes.

Lots of students and not only them struggle with that terrifying writer's block thing. It may strike you right before you even start writing or just in the middle of the writing process. There are also two reasons why students deal with those problems. Those students don't have knowledge on how to.

Just be mindful to read reviews when purchasing adhesive cabinet locks. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equally. Some barely stick while others other just poorly designed.

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